M CHINE Shop Cafe Is Under Construction

MACHINE Shop Cafe the planned start-up store located in the automotive enthusiast capital of the world, Los Angeles, California, will be our 1st facility. We plan to open the doors in late 2016. It will have a live dynamic interior, comprising of an AutosAsArt custom car shop and a MACHINE Machining manufacturing subdivision live viewing rooms down each side of the restaurant's interior. Serving-up hardy American 'Cafe Style' food along with the unique and exciting Hi-Tech entertainment.

MACHINE Shop Cafe Is Under Construction

MACHINE Shop Cafe's uniqueness will be created via ‘Live’ machine based theme viewing rooms built into each side of the restaurant, along with traditional custom automotive themes inside the restaurant's interior. Providing you with the most complete, enjoyable and dynamic themed cafe atmosphere you will ever experience. There is simply no other themed café on earth that comes close to this revolutionary concept. And it is our motto is to deliver it all with a very ‘Superprofessional’ attitude.

MACHINE Lifestyle HQ (Global) Video

MACHINE Lifestyle HQ's (Global) is the ultimate long-term vision of the MACHINE Enterprises unique business model. Positioned all around the world, our MACHINE Lifestyle HQ's will be specifically designed and built to suit individual regional environments and customers. With strong emphasis on catering to 'Automotive Enthusiast' types and 'Youth Culture' concepts.

Planned Host Super Cities

MACHINE Lifestyle HQ's (Global) will comprise of multiple variations of our divisions and their associated subdivisions to create a ideal focal point and meeting place for all automotive enthusiasts. Combined this with other youth culture facilities, MACHINE Lifestyle HQ's will become the #1 favourite local community meeting place... Just a fun place to meet friends.