Adam Black

Adam Black is an Australian who has worked in the engineering industry for over thirty-five years. Born on the 13th of December 1961 in the city of Brisbane to William Corlis Child and Barbara Josephine Beale, he is the middle of five siblings. His family has always been closely connected to the engineering and construction industries. Adam’s greatest passion is for all custom automotive crafts and arts, plus all automotive racing classes (eg. Drag Racing & Formula One) which he has followed since he was a boy. His other hobbies include bodybuilding, computers and travel. His passion for all these interests have influenced his vision for this unique business model, MACHINE Enterprises and MACHINE Shop Cafe. The original idea of the MACHINE Shop Cafe came to him in mid-1997 and since then he has spent many thousands of hours developing the global business model, its systems and procedures as well as his own professional skills as a CAD Manager in preparation for the day it will become reality.

At the age of 21, Adam started his thirty-five year career working as a design/drafter within the Australian engineering industry. Adam’s greatest influences are his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sir Richard Branson. He has followed their successful and passionate careers for most of his life. Adam is a ‘futurist’ by nature and is considered by friends, family and many work colleagues, a very intense character who is infinitely curious with a great capacity for hard work. Although he left school at the end of tenth grade, he has always possessed a great kinship and the capacity to understand ‘built concepts’ at a glance, especially anything of a mechanical nature, which is an ideal trait for any professional designer. An articulate, precise, perfectionist who has a default philosophy of “do it properly or not at all”. Durable and resilient; he never gives up, (evident here with his vision).

Since 2003, Adam has also been developing a very comprehensive CAD drafting system he has named ‘AutoMENU’. Since he has worked in many different office environments he has learnt many useful and highly efficient techniques for developing quality, accurate design documentation. He has also witnessed many incorrect and inefficient ways of trying to achieve the same result. AutoMENU’s CAD standards, office procedures and extensively customised AutoCAD menu interface is a reflection of these experiences. The whole system is designed to work in unison, thus simplifying, stream-lining, minimising irregularities and inconsistencies within the CAD process. This will significantly improvement the speed, quality and accuracy of the CAD documentation produced by MACHINE Enterprises design/drafters, giving it a unique advantage over industry standard practices. Because Adam has such a positive, yet realistic and logical mind, he believes ‘all things are possible’ in the realms of all human endeavours. This ‘no limits’ work philosophy has driven Adam into developing this AutoMENU Drafting System.

Adam’s Resume can be viewed here, and some of his recent CAD Design/Drafting work in PDF format can be viewed here Portfolio.

Adam would also like to express his own personal view by stating his belief that the Custom Automotive industry is one of the significant future growth industries. As modern cars become more automated, pedestrian and designed only as a means of transporting people from A to B; the Custom Automotive industry will continue to grow as it has done for the past 50 years. Because more people will naturally embrace the automotive past and see the value in retaining the rich history and culture.

He would also like to take this special opportunity to send a special thanks to freelancer Kumar Srimali for his exceptional high-end 3D Studio Max 2014 technical support and work during the construction of this website and campaign. Without Kumar Srimali’s talent and Superprofessional attitude this website and crowdfunding campaign would have never come to fruition.

Martina Black

Martina was born in Brisbane on the 9th of July 1997. Her hobbies include reading, learning and writing with a great connection and fondness for Japanese culture since her early years. Highly computer literate and great logical/lateral thinker, she has a great future ahead of her for such a young woman.

Martina Black is the only child of Adam. Her Thai mother and Adam met whilst he was working in the booming Bangkok development days back in 1993-94. They separated in early 2000 after 6 years of marriage and since then have remained good friends. Adam has parented Martina for the past 15 years. Martina is and has always been an ‘A’ grade student, possessing a natural talent for studying and learning. She possesses many of Adam’s traits, such as curiosity for the unknown and discipline to work hard and achieve. 2015 is her final year of high school, where she plans to move to Japan after graduation to complete her Japanese language studies. Adam and Martina’s goal is to have her managing the Japan division, which is planned to open in late 2019. By this time Martina will be in her early twenties and mature enough for the role as she is already mature beyond her years. Naturally Martina will be fully supported and mentored by Adam until she can run the Japan division independently.

Martina’s Report Cards can be viewed here along with a collection of some of her awards can be viewed here Awards Photo.