MACHINE Architecture

MACHINE Architecture (Global) This is where is all starts. Architectural design is at the very foundation of the building and infrastructure industy. Whether it is a residential home of a 100+ story skyscraper firstly there must be a vision, a design, a focus and direction to head towards. Look around the world and Architects have play a huge part in the development of the modern world. We are in awe of their skill and raw talent.

MACHINE Engineering

MACHINE Engineering (Global) Adam Black's 34 plus years career within the Engineering Indusrty, with the past 10 years having securing several roles as a CAD Manager is driven by his passion for the design/drafting process and the CAD Software systems that are at the very foundation of the industry. Therefore having an engineering subdivision is only natural. It will be an integral part of the MACHINE Enterprises business plan.

MACHINE Construction

MACHINE Construction (Global) will create the ultimate efficient and effective total design and construction processes. Superprofessionals MACHINE Enterprises motto and goal. This cannot be achieved without developing and controlling the whole process under one roof, one vision and one lineal, lateral thinking process; a trait that Adam Black has in abundance.

MACHINE Shopfitting

MACHINE Shopfitting (Global) will be a Residential and Commercial Interior design and construct division of MACHINE Enterprises. It is a very exciting and creative field, therefore we will scour the earth to find the best and most passionate talent to help us deliver the best results for our clients. As with any professional business, our reputation is vital to the business.