This 'Preliminary' website was posted in July 2015 to support our indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign re-launch marketing strategies. It will continue to evolve over the coming months until the launch of our campaign on the 15th of October 2015. Bookmark Us and return on the 15th of October for more info. The MACHINE Shop Cafe was the original brain child of CEO Adam Black in 1997. The vision of the company MACHINE Enterprises has evolved from this unique themed café flagship. All themes within the ‘Viewing Rooms’ attached to the restaurant are individual stand-alone, viable businesses in their own right. They are divided into ‘Divisions’ and subsequent ‘Subdivisions’. It is the sole purpose of this website in its current state to portray some of the concepts of this business model which has global potential that is difficult to fully envision. Therefore it is best if one understands the creative and technical concepts highlighted here. To help, watch some of the YouTube videos above and you maybe see what a modern marvel and spectacle CAD/CAM/CNC and industrial robotics has become. We love this technology and are very excited to create the first MACHINE Shop Cafe facility and bring the whole modern ‘Design to Manufacture’ process to you for your joy and entertainment. It will open a whole new world of possibilities to you that you never thought possible. We are great believers in 'Dreams and Creative Pursuits'. Come with us on this wild ride where the sky is the limit.

MACHINE Enterprises plan in its fullest expression of the MACHINE Lifestyle HQ will have access to the total design, engineering, fabrication, manufacturing technology and process at its disposal where the sky is the limit with what is possible. All that is need then is time, energy, financial resources and a profound desire to create, excel and succeed. Then one has the foundation of a successfully global business formula. But it is said that… “ideas are cheap” and it is true; because without the ability to market these products and service in an efficiency manner to a target audience that inspires excitement and retention via consistent image/identity, then even the best idea(s) have limited value. Because in the world of successful business, everything must be viable and profitable. MACHINE Enterprises unique global business model combines existing viable and profitable business models/concepts and combines them under one global vision. With the MACHINE Shop Cafe as the main focal-point; ultimately it becomes more about ‘Branding’ under the ‘MACHINE’ name where each ‘Divisions’ and subsequent ‘Subdivisions’ both support and promotes all other ‘Divisions’ and subsequent ‘Subdivisions’ by default.