Our 2m high head-to-toe versions of our Mascot 'Annet' will be found in all MACHINE Shop Cafe interiors. She will be CNC machined out of billet aluminium and polished to a high lustre. Whilst a 10m tall head-to-toe versions that will greet you as you enter any of our MACHINE Lifestyle HQ's. These will be manufactured with a triple chrome plate finish for durability. The 10m versions will become world famous because a chrome plated statue of this size and quality has never been built before.

Our Mascot Model Annet

It will be a great challenge and interesting journey for us as we develop the manufacturing processes to ensure Annet creates a long-lasting impression on anyone who sees her in real life (especially the 10m versions). She is an integrate part of our whole global image, therefore she must be perfect in every way. We are very excited in this whole endeavour. We hope you will support this Crowdfunding Campaign and help us bring to you this new, unique and exciting world of entertainment.

Hajine Sorayama Imagery

Famous Japanese illustrator Hajine Sorayama greatest creations have been the ‘Sexy Robot’ and ‘Gynoid’ series. His ability to see light is unsurpassed. His work has been very popular amongst automotive enthusiasts for decades; reproduced in murals on many custom cars and motorcycles. We hope to include some of his trademark features into our 'Annett' Mascots.

The 3D Modelled version of our Mascot shown on this website is only the first stage of what will be a comprehensive and detailed process to create a very beautiful life-like version of this mascot. Our ‘Annett’ Mascot is based on futuristic ‘Android’ concepts. Whilst her body may be of a robotic nature her face will be totally human. We will employ artist and craftsman from all over the world to ensure Annett’s face is as real and life-like as possible. She will have a reverse braid plaited hair and process the classically beautiful features of ‘Slavic’ women who are often considered the most beautiful woman in the world due to their big eyes and broad faces. Famous actress Mila Kunis is a perfect example of Slavic beauty. Our Ukrainian model Annett and Mila Kunis share very similar Slavic features.